Top Six Exercise Mistakes

Nearly every magazine article on the subject and every fitness guru pronouncement will lecture ceaselessly about what to do to get into shape. While it is all well and good to know what to do, it may surprise you to know there are a few mistakes you want to avoid at all costs or risk sabotaging all your good work. Before you push forward with all the best intentions, check to make sure you’re not guilty of any of these backslides.

Have you built the perfect workout routine for yourself?

You know the one, where you do the exact number-of repetitions exactly the same way every time you hit the gym. Well, if you have built the perfect routine and you do follow it religiously each and every time you exercise, stop it right now! Your muscles will grow used to repetition and the exercise program will diminish in effectiveness. You’ve got to change it up and do some different exercises to stimulate your muscles and keep your mind engaged in the process.

In a similar vein, do you exercise the same muscle groups every day without allowing time for recovery? Recovery time is what allows for the healing of torn muscle fibers and the development of a toned, sleek body. If you feel compelled to exercise daily, at least work on different muscle groups each day and give your body time to rebuild.

Do you confuse lifting weights with adding bulk?

Don’t make this mistake. Weight training is the key to strong muscles, a flat stomach and an overall well-toned body. More muscle equates to a higher calorie burn. Don’t rely on mere cardio activities to torch those extra calories. If you do, you’ll be missing out on making the most of your exercise time.

Do you wait until the end of your exercise period to guzzle a gallon of water?

If you do, you’re short-changing your body. Regular and consistent hydration helps clear toxins that are building up in your muscles as you exercise. You’ll feel stronger and more energized if you drink your water as you go along.

Do you like to work up a sweat as you exercise?

You should not only like it, you should demand it of yourself. Sweating is a healthy sign that you’re pushing yourself enough to make a difference. You’re not exercising to prove anything to anybody; you’re exercising to prove something to yourself. So, go ahead and sweat!

If you use exercise as your weight loss program, are you avoiding eating before and after your workout to keep the number on the scale in line with where you want it to be? You’re missing out on fuel to energize you as you exercise and nutrients to help you recover afterwards if you do. Proper nutrition is your friend in the journey to building a strong and healthy body.

When it comes to exercise, it’s important to get it right. It’s just as important to avoid getting it wrong. Before you simply plow ahead with your workout, make sure you’re working to your optimal level and not hindering your efforts with easy to fix mistakes.